Unfortunately, there is no cure for Crohn’s disease. Series of serious research is being carried out by research centers and medical organizations, however, a permanent solution is yet to found.

Crohn’s disease is majorly associated with genetics, environment, family and dietary elements. However, the real cause of this disease is not found. Research institutions are working on the samples of the Crohn affected tissues in order to find the actual root of this disease to look for permanent solutions.

New developments in the research give way to better treatments. Scientists and researcher are working on probiotics, mixing of good bacteria that controls the bad bacteria in the bowel. Scientists are also working on the methods that can slow down the inflammation levels in the body.

Managing Crohn's Disease:

Managing Crohn's disease is a serious challenge. It is an irritable bowel disease and diet place a major role in managing this disease.  Firstly it requires a lot of self-struggle, patience, and confidence.


Here are the points to say how to take care

Consult with your doctor regularly 

Once the patient is diagnosed with the Crohn's syndrome, he/she must have regular consultation with the doctor.

It is advisable to create a medical journal by documenting your everyday food and body’s feeling/response to the food. The worst part of this disease is the symptoms may not be persistent. If the inflammation flares-up you may not feel the symptoms for some period and that is temporary.  

They may have to test your body’s response to small doses of food and proteins.  They may have to constantly change the food habits to manage the inflammation levels.

Proper Medication

Doctors generally prescribe to short-term medications to test the patient's response to the medication. The medications will be based on the patient's health condition like checking their body protein levels, fat levels, nutrition levels etc..

Dietary considerations

Crohn’s disease needs an extra attention to diet. There is no specific or excessive food that causes Crohn but there are some specific foods on the list to avoid. Common food/ drinks to avoid is alcohol, dairy products, high fat and spicy foods.

However, to balance nutrition and vitamins in the body, it is advised to take low fiber, low fat, easily digestible food. Taking proper diet plays a crucial role in managing the Crohn’s disease.

Yoga and Rest

The victim should take proper rest and avoid stress as much as possible. The patients can try out some body massages and heat therapies to relax their body and muscles.

Keep away from stressful situations, laughter a day can take you a long way. Channelize positive thoughts, do some meditation, try some yoga find peace. Yoga can help in fueling positive thoughts, de-stress from the outer world and of course add a lot of positive energy into the body.